I am a tropical restoration ecologist.  Over the years, my research has evaluated theoretical ecological concepts centered on forest recovery in degraded tropical habitats where I have developed cost-effective strategies to facilitate or accelerate succession under a variety of different conditions. I have conducted both observational and experimental research in Central and South America and established large- and small-scale projects with collaborators and students from multiple institutions. I have tested applied nucleation (or tree islands) extensively, evaluated large (2-4 m tall) vegetative cuttings (or branches really!) in a restoration setting as a way to jump-start recovery, and have evaluated the potential for utilizing agricultural waste to facilitate recovery in degraded pastures. I also have an interest in tropical forest dynamics, especially in fragmented habitats, and have quantified land use change patterns over long time scales.  I am always curious to evaluate new and innovative methodologies in restoration and continue to work extensively in the Neotropics.